2014 Dates To Be Announced

Seattle's weather may be notoriously dreary, but those of us who call it home know that the weather (and coffee) make it a great place for new ideas. BEST Seattle will again be held at the Seattle Art Museum and will feature a mix of strategic discussion, helpful instruction and room for creative thinking.

New York
December 12, 2013

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification test is an important milestone when building your GA resume and credentials as a digital analyst. Our preparatory course will give you a full day of in-person training time with Caleb Whitmore, founder of Analytics Pros, the GAUGE and BEST Practices conferences, long-time Google Analytics certified trainer, consultant, and co-author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics.

2014 Dates To Be Announced

With the harbor as our backdrop and the Tea Party as our inspiration, the Boston BEST Practices conference will be a thoroughly inspiring event. The conference will be focused on finding new and innovative ways to leverage digital analytics to solve problems - perhaps not as revolutionary as the Boston Tea Party, but hopefully equally creative.